Monster Movie Making Jam

Lördag den 24 Januari, kl 12:00, på Fängelset

Lets make another Monster Movie!
Always wanted to help to create a movie starring a monster?
Then this is the Jam for you.
Sarofer Zertaga invites you all to Fängelset´s Cafe Stage (building number 6) and the Monster Movie Making Jam.
It all starts with randomizing our monster of choice with a d20 dice roll.
Then we do the same for the theme of the movie, and then its up for your creative joy to glow!Everyone attending is welcome to bring their own equipment to make a fun movie.
A professional hints is to bring extra clothing for costumes and lots of ketchup.
The end result will be edited by Sarofer Zertaga and Pontus Nilsson, using magic and a computer. Oh, and dont worry, Pontus Nilsson will bring a camera that he will film with.
Time schedule:
12:00 – Introduction and brainstorming of script.
13:00 – First Deadline! Now the brainstorming is finished and it time to move
on. Now it´s time to get the rest of this movie in full motion, lets
create costumes, practical effects and lets go film and improvise.
21:00 – Deadline! Now we all meet up at Fängelset, and all the filmed
material is handed in to Sarofer Zertaga and Pontus Nilsson for magical
video editing on a computer.
That´s all for today! Everywhere go where you want, bye bye now.
25th of January:The Monster Movie Making Jam 2015 movie has its first premiere on Cafe Taktik, (https://www.facebook.com/CafeTaktik) that you are all welcome to gather at 12.00 the 25th of January and watch this masterpiece we made together.Together we can make a movie, LETS GO!