SHINING(N)+Four stroke Baron+Dreamarcher

Tisdag den 19 Februari, kl 19.00, på Fängelset


Nu är supporten klar och det är grymt kul att få med Four stroke baron som har tokhyllats för sin nya platta.
En grym blandning av new-wave och progressiv hårdrock. Man fattar ju att det är bra när det är Prosthetic records som släpper plattan.
Dreamarcher är också från Norge. Skivbolaget förklarar det bättre än vad vi skulle göra om deras musik, å de gör de så här:
From dark and melodic group vocals to hardcore screams, head splitting guitar riffs to ambient
melancholic, blasting to spaced out instrumentals Dreamarcher blends the boundaries of genre.

Äntligen kommer norska SHINING tillbaks till Göteborg på sin Animal tour.
Med utsålda konserter i hela Europa kommer detta att bli en konsert att minnas!
Med nya plattan Animal gör de en ny musikalisk resa som visar att de inte vill stå still utan hela tiden utmana sig själva.
Lär mer nedan om vad Jorgen Munkeby har att säga:


Restless. Fearless. Unpredictable. Revolutionary.

You might find him blowing fire through his sax with ex-Megadeth guitar icon Marty Friedman, or spot him playing keyboards with legendary Norwegian black metal band Emperor.

From his early days with Norse electro-jazz ensemble Jaga Jazzist to his breakthrough as metal’s chief saxophone-wielding renegade, Jørgen Munkeby
is a unique figure in modern music, and he’s about to make his most audacious move yet.

Shining has always been driven by their leader’s restless spirit. Now, in 2018,
Shining are about to blow the doors off and reinvent themselves as the most insanely thrilling rock band on the planet.

“This time around I really wanted to do something new and exciting!” Munkeby explains.
This new record is more Muse than Meshuggah, more Ghost than Gojira, and more Biffy Clyro than Burzum!”

Animal is both a massive surprise for Shining fans and an album that promises to send Munkeby’s crew rocketing up the rock’n’roll ladder.

It touches upon their leader’s own personal struggles – not least his father’s recent near-death brush with ill-health –
while also offering a hopeful and positive view of the future and its limitless possibilities.

“The first songs I wrote were about death and grief, or the consequences for people left behind. Then when I thought I’d processed that sufficiently, I needed to write some party songs!”

When the world goes to hell, you might as well party while it’s going down.