Trna – Show Me A Dinosaur

Fredag den 05 April, kl 19.00, på fängelsets cafe

Lunaraptor Booking and 𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚝 𝚋𝚘𝚘𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚐 proudly presents:

Trna 🇷🇺 + Show Me A Dinosaur 🇷🇺 + TBA, at Fängelsets Café

‣ TRNA are the pioneers of celestial blackgaze. This incredible blackened post-rock 3-piece from Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation formed after the breakup of post-black band Princ Persii.  Andrey Novozhilov (guitar) and Sergey Tikhomirov (drums) were joined by Anton Gataullin (bass) shortly after forming the band and had their first rehearsal as a trio in November, 2013.

TRNA released their third album “Earthcult” digitally on 5 March, 2018. Recorded and mastered by the brilliant Mikhail Kurochkin and featuring new drummer Timur Yusupov, “Earthcult” offers 65 minutes of pure catharsis inducing celestial blackened post split over 4 epic tracks fueled with raw emotions.

”You must hear this album, and you must lose yourself in it. Give in to the storm, and be swept away by its beautifully violent soundscapes.” – Arctic Drones

”Through somber but gleaming guitar reverberations and cascading waves of shimmering sound, the songs reach for heights of mystical beauty, while blasting drums and the deep hum of the bass quicken the pulse. Lighter and softer passages of strummed chords and head-bobbing rhythms invoke the wistfulness of happier memories. Joy and hopefulness seem to persist in the vibrancy that blazes within the album’s core, never overwhelmed by the mantle of sorrow that periodically descends as you make your way through Earthcult.” – NO CLEAN SINGING

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2WMgsq4
Bandcamp: https://trnaband.bandcamp.com/album/earthcult


‣ Show Me A Dinosaur is a heavy post-rock blackgaze band from Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. This genre-defying band formed in 2010 and released their critically acclaimed debut “Evolvent EP” in 2011 and the dark, brooding masterpiece “Dust” in 2014.

The band now consisting of Pavel Volkov (Guitar), Artem Selyugin (Guitar, Vocals), Philip Chernonog (Bass) and Daniel Kourdakov (Drums) have evolved into one of the most intense and awe-inspiring bands in Europe. In March 2016 they released their self-titled second album “Show Me A Dinosaur”, a juggernaut of raw emotions and technical prowess.

Show Me A Dinosaur are currently working on a new album.

”This is a mind trip that you will absolutely want to take” – Head-Banger Reviews

”Show Me a Dinosaur build a subtler sense of unrest that ranges from a slight disquiet to downright dread. The album calms down considerably for post-rock dreamscapes “Lights” and “Gone,” and the nervous tone ostensibly fades from view. But it’s still there, in the back of the listener’s head, threatening to reawaken at any moment and interrupt the dream. That anxiety reemerges with a vengeance in closing track “Wojna,” a tense yet deliberate ten-minute build to a frantic climax teeming with desperation.Show Me a Dinosaur stands out as a novel approach to post-black metal that combines the subgenre’s typical parts to create a unique whole with a distinct, memorable, affective tone.” – Sputnik Music

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2Sbj5Do
Bandcamp: https://showmeadinosaur.bandcamp.com/album/show-me-a-dinosaur


‣ +TBA

Venue: Fängelsets Café.
Doors: 19:00
Tickets: 100kr. No pre-sale.
Ages: 13+.

This event is free from drugs and alcohol, and is to be considered a safe space for everyone.